I have a talent for bringing people together and a passion for education. I know that when it comes to education, the higher our floor, the higher our ceiling. Round Rock ISD needs people on the Board of Trustees who fight as hard for the least of us as they do for the best of us. This is exactly what I’ll do.


I believe education is the greatest measurement of what a community values—and who a community values—and it’s time that Round Rock ISD had a board that reflects all of its community’s values. With your support and your vote in November, we’ll have a board as diverse as the challenges it faces.

Vote Cornell Woolridge, Round Rock ISD
Board of Trustees—Place 2!

"As Round Rock grows in size, diversity and stature, it finds itself at a crossroads, and nowhere is that more clearly reflected than in its schools. We need leadership that is able to bring more voices to the table in the interest of addressing the inequities some Round Rock ISD students are facing. I am supporting Cornell because we need leadership that will fight for all students and that’s what he’ll do."

John Bucy III
Texas State Representative, District 136

"Round Rock ISD faces significant challenges during COVID-19 and in preparing for the future for our rapidly growing district. As an RRISD voter myself, I trust Cornell to be a steady advocate through these difficult times who will listen to and work with all stakeholders across the district."

Jimmy Flannigan
Austin City Council, District 6

"Cornell taught so much more than math. He’s a compassionate educator who always saw his students as people. He unfailingly put our needs at the center of everything he did, both in and out of the classroom. Cornell set high expectations for his students, but always gave us the support and resources we needed to achieve our goals. I couldn’t think of a more humble, concerned, and experienced individual to serve on the Round Rock ISD board."

Sarah Bachner Walters
Mental Health Outreach Specialist, Robert Morris University

“As a product of Round Rock ISD schools, a former public school teacher, and your State Representative, I have experienced firsthand how important it is to have people on the Round Rock ISD Board who will prioritize educational equity so that all students have the tools they need to be successful. I'm proud to support Cornell because I know he will work hard for Round Rock ISD students."

James Talarico
Texas State Representative, District 52

"Cornell’s philosophy and life’s work is shaped by a strong belief in cooperative and collaborative goal-setting, with a focus on listening to those who feel left out of the process. There is no more important quality for our community and for our schools than this. For that reason, I fully support Cornell and his candidacy for the RRISD board of trustees.

Jan Chapman
Board Trustee, Round Rock ISD, 2001-2004


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