I’m running for Round Rock ISD Board of Trustees—Place 2, because I found out at an early age how important it is to have people who are able to advocate for every student’s equal right to a quality education. I understand how critical it is to have people in positions of power advocating for students who otherwise might slip through the cracks. I know because I was one of those students. In 7th grade I was kept out of an advanced math class, despite test scores that should have automatically placed me in the class. I was fortunate enough to have a mother who valued education and made advocating for my education a major priority in her life. Far too many students aren’t as lucky as I was, and I’m running to advocate for them.


It’s not enough just to care about students, Round Rock ISD needs board trustees who can relate to its students and to those families who are being underserved by the district. I have spent much of my life fighting for all students to have equal access to quality education, and for the voices of the underrepresented to have a seat at the table. I do this because I know we’re all connected—when one of us suffers, we all suffer. I also know that when we are united, there is very little we can’t do. Representation matters, and I think it’s time that ALL students were represented on the Round Rock ISD Board of Trustees. If you believe like I do, I hope you’ll join my campaign, and I will need your vote on November 3rd for Board of Trustees—Place 2.


  • Fighting for equal access to quality education for all Round Rock ISD students
  • Working to engage more parents and families in the vision and work of the district
  • Ensuring the Round Rock ISD Police engages all communities, treats all students with equal respect, and works to support students equitably
  • Collaborating with board trustees to ensure that Round Rock ISD is developing 21st century learners, not just 20th century employees